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image Penobscot Hunting Retriever Club
AKC Hunt Tests
(Clinton, ME)

24-25 July 2021
Event Class
Dog Name
24 July 2021
(Clinton, ME)

Candids - Images - -
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- Test Dog - "Bo" Images Images
1 SHR Spencers cove Baileys dream Images Images
2 Designers Conway Comet CGC TKI AX AXJ Images Images
3 Wizard The Kid Images -
4 Rankin Brook’s Exceeding The Limit Images Images
5 Autumn's Backwater Onida Images -
6 Wilmarks Making a Bit Mor Dreams at Pleasant Pine JH CGC Images Images
7 Rankin Brook's Long Shot Images Images
8 Sand Dancer's Whisper of Spring Wind Images Images
9 SHR Dartmoor's Granite State Mt. Lincoln Images Images
10 Bernard XXII Images Images
11 Weatherby Clear and Calm of Hidden Springs Images Images
12 Tucker Brook’s Telluride Tymber Images Images
13 Mill Pond's Pure Heart Images Images
14 Windfall's Trek To Starship Casino DJ Images Images
15 Miss Murphy Wotton Images Images
16 Delta Duck Dog's Memphis Minnie Images Images
17 Puddleduck Weeping Willow Images Images
18 Duckback's Gentle Current of Wildeland, MH SH Images Images
19 Grapevine’s Tinkers Ridin’ Shotgun Images Images
20 SHR Rise and Shine’s Legend of Moonkist Images Images
21 northernedge copper twilight Images Images
22 Red Dirt's Penny For A Nickle Images Images
23 Sirius Shake Up The Stars Images -
24 ColdSprings Candy Acres Grand Canyon Images Images
25 Hope Springs Mtn Islnd Navy Sea- Sparrow Missle Images Images
26 Fenwyck's Passport to The Cosmos from Edgemere Images Images
27 Hawks Nest Raining Pink Sapphires BN RN CGCA TKN WC Images -
28 Cope’s River Floatin Tucker Dan Images Images
29 Tucker Brook’s Singular Sensation Images, Images Images
30 Half Moon Huckleberry Images Images
31 Sand Dancer’s Ison Sun Grazer CD RE MXJ CGCU CCA AX Images -
32 Pleasant Pine's Moviegoer Images Images
33 Ridgeview Farms Jr Talking To Moon Images Images
34 Dartmoor's Zero Degrees Nardone Images, Images Images
35 Wingate's Channel Marker Bouy Images Images
36 Stoneflies Charles Images -
37 Sunfire Hotdoggin It On Swiftriver Images -
38 Redwood Forest Images -
39 MACH Treasure Lake Tiller Towards Trouble RE MJS NJP MFB T2B DM CGC Images Images
25 July 2021
(Clinton, ME)

- Candids & Ribbon Pictures - Images - -
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- Test Dog #1 Images Images
- Test Dog #2 Images -
1 Maggie’s Black Water Piper Images Images
2 Olde Oakes Two Steppin' Trooper Images Images
3 Theophilus's Friend River Images Images
4 Always Faithful’s LMAVs on Ramadi Images -
5 Wynwood Tinker’s Ace of Hearts Images Images
6 Swift Rivers Jefferson Monticello Images -
7 Sundance's Arwen of Rivendell Images Images
8 Fenwyck's Hocus Pocus JH Images Images
9 SHR Lycinan's Ski the Fall Line JH Images Images
10 CPR BPK's Little Liza Jane JH - -
11 Wassookeag’s Handsome Huckleberry WCI Images -
12 Grampian Don’t Tug On Superman’s Cape JH Images Images
13 Because Of You - -
14 HR Kennebec's Streamside Chapel JH Images Images
15 UCH GrCh Grampian Barnacle Bill RN JH CGC TKN WC Images Images
16 Webshire's Dare To Go Camo JH WCX Images Images
17 Puddledocks Unsinkable Molly Brown Images Images
18 HR UH Knightcastle The Man in Black JH DS SHU WCX Images -
19 Sand Dancer's Crescent Moonlite on Ice CD JH Images -
20 Graycroft Falline Shadow Returns Images Images
21 Bounderhill Caoimhe Sweetbriar Images Images
22 Michigander’s Always Faithful - -
23 Tremblin Earth’s Don’t Mind The Strain Images Images
24 Flyway Farms Ziva of Wingover JH Images Images, Images
25 Spinney Point Wildflower Images -
26 Puddleducks Last Chance Images -
27 Little River's Mocha Magic Images -
28 Sand Dancer's Windrunner Ridin' Zephyr JH Images Images
29 Birchtree Blueberry Images -
30 CH Edgemere's Henry The Navigator JH Images Images
31 Willcare Thelma's Louise - -
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