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Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Boston
AKC Junior & Senior
(Simsbury, CT)

24-25 September 2022

: I was running a dog in the JH stakes so some dogs were not photographed.

Event Class
Dog Name
24 September 2022
(Simsbury, CT)

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1 Archwind Rufus of Rome JH CGC - -
2 Topbrass Headlight On A Northbound Train Images Images
3 Goldigger's Wings to Fly Images -
4 Kerrybrook’s Just a Little Night Music WC - -
5 CH Chantico's Super G O'Muddy Waters RN MX MXJ WC XF - -
6 Gypsybog's Lake Wobegone WC CC - -
7 Wilann's Peppermint Pattie RE CGC - -
8 Sunfire's Early Warning System Images -
9 Sunfire's Smuggler Images -
10 RACH Sunfire's It's All About Mimi UD RAE2 RM3 CGCA
Images Images
11 Lamica’s Oakley Images Images
12 Char-Will's Fetching Timber Maiden UDX BN RAE RM CGCA TKP Images Images
13 Accolade's Pineapple Princess - -
14 Sunfire's The Music In Mimi RI RN TKN Images Images
15 Finnegan LBD of Cedar Meadow Farm Images -
16 Norton's Abe Images Images
17 Sunfire's Mad Pursuit CGCA CCA TKN WC Images -
18 Ducktown's Coal Fired Finn Images Images
19 Mill Pond's Mid Coast Sushi Images Images
20 Dartmoor’s Glory B Images Images
21 MACH RACH Quantum Batter Up Remy BN RAE2 RM2 MXG
Images Images
22 Katydid Farm's Hachiko JH,CGC Images Images
23 Steelecreek's Gumption Images Images
24 Baker Marsh Images Images
25 Sea Swirl Striper of Tory Hill CGC WC Images Images
26 Kerrybrook's Atticus Finch - -
27 Nyx XXIII Images Images
28 Noor Dirksen TD THDN SWN CGCA TKP Images Images
29 CH Paddington's Rugged Mountain Man WC Images -
30 Birchtree Eve of Misrule - -
31 Mink Hill's Dartmoor's Hailey Images Images
32 Sunfire's Mazikeen Images Images
33 Fenwyck's Animation in Motion JH WC Images Images
34 Topbrass Gomboc Zen N' Zoom CGC CCA Images Images
35 Dartmoor's Girl O'War Images Images
36 Ireigold Deloro's Six Shooter Stout Images Images
37 New York Gun Dogs "Tootsie" Images Images
38 Alendry's Tampa Bay Storm at Tory Hill RN CGC WC Images Images
39 Mink Hills Dartmoors Sable Images Images
- Pick-up dog - Images
25 September 2022
(Simsbury, CT)

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- Test Dog Images Images
1 Topbrass Moose Is On The Loose Images Images
2 Cayberry Deloro's The Ciao Factor CD TDX MXP MJP NAP NJP Images Images
3 Sunfire's Red Hot Images Images
4 Lone Duck’s Shoot Me Straight SH Images Images
5 Riverbenz Northstar's Long Range Recon Images Images
6 D'USSE FITZ JH Images -
7 CH Greyborn’s Total Eclipse of the Heart JH Images Images
8 DARTMOOR’S Willow Images Images
9 Sunfire's Hot Tin Roof JH CCA WCX Images Images
10 Francalia Slippery When Wet UD JH Images Images
11 Sunfire's She Put A Spell On Me RI CGC TKI WC Images Images
12 North Flow Bernie's Bro SH - -
13 Pheasant Row Little Miss Maggie JH Images Images
14 DND Cheyenne Hoesta Kojotel BN RI JH CGC TKI WC Images Images
15 Pond hollow Sentimental Lady at Camptown Images -
16 Briarwood Ellafitz Lovely Summer Dream Images Images
18 Spinney Point Wildflower - -
19 Rockycreek's Gem Twist SH Images Images
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